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Ion Fans

time:2018-02-27 23:25:56

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working principle

Industrial production due to the friction between the items, stripping, squeezing, sensing and other objects on the surface area of the charge of different nature. When such a charge accumulation reaches a certain level, it will produce electrostatic adsorption and discharge phenomenon. The accumulation and discharge of electrostatic charge can have a great impact and damage on industrial production. Such as the adhesion of objects, repellent, electrostatic breakdown, the body shock, causing explosions.

The role of the ion fan is the use of air ionization to produce a large number of positive and negative charges, and the fan will be positive and negative charge blowing. The formation of a positive and negative charge of the air flow, the charge carried by the surface and out. When the object surface is negative charge, it will attract the positive charge in the air flow. When the object surface is positively charged, it will attract the negative charge in the current, so that the static electricity on the object surface is neutralized Elimination of static electricity purposes.

Ion fan series with a small fan to provide wind, but also to provide wind turbine fan. The size of the wind speed switch can be adjusted in a large range.


1, and static electricity quickly.

2, ion airflow covers a large area.

3, a wide range of ion mediation.

4, a special ion emitter cleaner.

5, ionization indicator.

6, the fan has a good grounding protection.

Technical Parameters:

Desktop ion fan --- Introduction

Anti-Static Benchtop Ion Fans provide ion eliminators in a wide range of concentrated areas that balance the flow of ions. Can eliminate or neutralize a wide range of concentrated targets or hard-to-reach areas of electrostatic charge. Is the ideal static eliminator for precision electronics, electronics assembly, assembly line for medical manufacturing, printing, LED optics, packaging and molding of small products.