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Product title:ESD Laminated Film SP-2003

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    ESD Laminated Film SP-2003 

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    Ordinary plastic packaging films undergo special treatment to remove static electricity during production, but consumers still feel static electricity when using them. The upper and lower pieces stick together, making it difficult to separate; When placing the laminated paper in the middle of the film, it is difficult to move it so that the paper is placed in the middle of the film; When it comes to dust and hair, it is easy to adsorb onto the film, affecting the plastic sealing effect. In response to this phenomenon, our company has specially developed an anti-static plastic packaging film, adding a process during production to completely eliminate the static electricity on the film. Currently, the anti-static film exported to Japan and South Korea is highly favored by the local market, which makes plastic packaging more convenient and efficient from the perspective of customer convenience. Various sizes and thicknesses are available for customization.

    Name: Anti static plastic packaging film A4 Large stock 10C

    Size: A4 216 * 303mm

    Thickness: 100mic (50/50)


    Suitable for rapid molding

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